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Smart Home



Developing technology has brought many innovations to our lives and LED lighting is one of these innovations. LED lighting, as is known, provides lighting by using energy more efficiently.

Inohom is perfectly compatible with LED lighting products with adjustable brightness values ​​and allows you to adjust the amount of lighting as needed. In addition, it helps you save money by minimizing energy consumption with lighting management that can work depending on ambient brightness, time periods and scenarios.

In this way, you can have a more energy efficient home environment and increase your comfort by personalizing the lighting systems. Inohom contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle by combining technology and savings.


Although motorized curtains and shutters are comfort-providing systems, they can be quite troublesome when controlled with traditional wall controls. It may be necessary to go through all the rooms and open the curtains and blinds in the morning to take advantage of the daylight and close them in the evening.

Thanks to Inohom's smart curtain and blind management, these troublesome tasks become a thing of the past. In the morning, the curtains and blinds you want will automatically open, so you can make the most of the daylight. In the evening, curtains and blinds close automatically, increasing security and saving energy.

In this way, you can easily control the environment in your home and achieve a more comfortable lifestyle with smart curtain and blind management.


Inohom Smart Home Systems allow you to access cameras inside and outside your home even when you are away from home, thanks to its IP communication infrastructure. With these IP cameras, you can record continuously and send an alert to the specified e-mail address when motion is detected. Thanks to Inohom's security infrastructure, you do not have to worry about the security of your loved ones and your home. Even when you are away from home, you can monitor your home via security cameras and take the necessary precautions. These features provide homeowners with extra assurance and let them know their home is safe.


It is important to water the plants and grass in your garden regularly, but making time for this can sometimes be difficult, especially during the holidays. or when you go on a trip. In this case, you may need someone to help water your plants.

You can solve this problem thanks to Inohom's timed and scenario-dependent automatic control capabilities. Irrigation of your choice You can set schedules and water your plants automatically by creating scenarios. For example, activate the 'Holiday' scenario When you do so, your plants will be automatically watered according to the watering time and frequency you set.


inohom smart home system provides flexible scenario management, unlike other simple control techniques. Thanks to the created scenarios, You can control the operation and sequence of many systems with a single touch or automatically. For example, with the 'WORK' scenario On weekdays, at 7:30 in the morning, the alarm goes off, the security system is disabled, the curtains are opened, motion-sensitive lighting is turned off, coffee is served. Your machine works, your favorite news channel turns on on TV...

Imagine that you are going on holiday for a week, you have made all the preparations and activated the 'HOLIDAY' scenario when leaving home. inohom yours It sets the alarm in your place, turns off the power sockets (except the refrigerator), turns off the lighting, closes the water and gas inlet valves, automatic irrigation. activates the system.


Thanks to İnohom's internal intercom feature, you can view the person at the door. Also, contact the security or apartment staff. You can pass and send your requests via written message. Additionally, you can send mass messages within the site and deliver your announcements quickly. Inohom makes communication and security in your home more efficient by making communication easier.


Control the sockets in your home with a single touch with Inohom. Automatically cut off power in dangerous situations such as flood or fire. Manage the energy of devices based on time settings by creating special scenarios, thus saving energy and increasing security.


Inohom uses sensors to keep your and your home's security at the highest level. Sensors keep your home under constant surveillance and It instantly detects situations, takes necessary precautions and informs you about the situation. Fire, gas leak, flood, theft, door and window When dangers such as opening or breaking glass are detected, the system automatically triggers the alarm and turns all the lights on and off to detect the danger. It helps to. It also turns off gas and water valves when necessary and activates emergency lighting to ensure a safe escape from home. It allows you to exit in this way. Inohom offers an effective solution to increase your home security.


Unlike ordinary smart home systems, Inohom does not limit climate control to just on-off logic. Inohom, It allows you to control detailed functions of your air conditioner such as temperature value, fan speed and operating mode. This provides greater comfort and Provides energy efficiency. You can also automatically manage the air conditioning system using scenarios.

For example, when you activate the 'WORK' mode and leave home, the temperature set value is automatically reduced, allowing you to save money. As you approach the time to return home, the temperature value is increased and A home at the temperature you desire welcomes you. Inohom makes climate control smarter and personalized, so you can both Your comfort increases and energy efficiency is ensured.


Inohom offers remote control for multimedia devices such as TV, satellite receiver, Blu-ray player, sound system to offer you more comfort. It allows control without using the device. You no longer have to manage your electronic devices with separate remote controls. Thanks to Inohom's flexible smart remote control feature, you can control all your devices from one place. Also, if you want multimedia You can manage your systems automatically with scenarios. When you get home, you can turn on the TV channel you want or go to dinner. You can start with the music you like. Inohom makes your home entertainment more enjoyable while keeping you in control.


Inohom's artificial intelligence-based voice command support adds a new dimension to the smart home concept. Now lighting, curtains-blinds, sockets and you can control many things with voice commands. Just tell us your wishes and İnohom will take care of what is needed for you. your home with Inohom It becomes even easier to manage with your voice, making your life more comfortable and efficient.